Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don's Treasure from Yesterday

Don did well too. He found a few stamps and coins, but came home with the beautiful Canon camera outfit with every immaginable lens, a motor drive and film date thingy. Now he has his work cut out for him to learn how to use all this stuff. I've always wanted to get into photography, so if he doesn't, maybe I'll take a swing at it. He got all this at a very reasonable price. I was amazed.


  1. So is Don now your photographer on your blog OR does his outfit use ... ah film? Jer has a full 35mm outfit ... lenses & all ... can't remember when last we used it BUT is is grand. Me? I just love my little digital. Enjoy

  2. No; I remain the photographer with my beloved little digital. This outfit uses 35mm film. I think it would be great for getting special shots, but too complicated to use on a daily basis for blog shots.