Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Tried!

I put out a plate full of seed every morning for the birds. I can look out my kitchen window at nearly any given time and see birds there (often 7-8 or more). Today I went out and tried to be a statue in the garden to get a picture of them, but they knew I wasn't what I pretended to be, and refused to cooperate. When I started, the plate was entirely in the shade. When I gave up it was more than half in the sunlight, as you can see. The little beggars are undoubtedly out there now gorging themselves. Absolutely no appreciation for the hand that feeds them. Yup; I just checked and there are 5 birds and two baby bunnies. Hmmmmph!


  1. Yes those little birdies are watchful. Our feeders have been in place for years & when we sit on the patio it takes awhile before they'll come back to eat at them ... they are watchful. Don't give up though they will get use to you. Our birds give us so much daily joy.

  2. Every time I walk out that back door they fly away. Even the baby bunnies scatter. I'm not sure they will ever get used to us coming and going. They are fun to watch though from the kitchen window. There were two birds in the bird bath today -- so cute.

  3. how fun- Im glad you finally got the picture of the bunnies!