Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

This past summer (August 19th) Don and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary with a trip to San Diego where we first met. While the establishment we met in was no longer there, it has always been our favorite place to celebrate our anniversaries. We act like a couple of tourists, and always come home with a remembrance (cocoa and soup mugs this year). Some of our favorite places to haunt are Balboa Park, Seaport Village, Rosie's Quilt Shop, Good News Gourmet shop, and Old Town. We always seem to eat at Filipes in Little Italy, The Eggery and Tony Roma's. We ramble about liesurly having the greatest of conversations and enjoying our surroundings. We also love to sit on the harbor and watch the ships come in and out. We look forward to our 49th this coming summer. We are getting frightfully close to the 50th. That's when you are old -- so they say.
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  1. okay I love love the blog! If you and Don EVER want to go sailing - my husband loves to take people out on the bay.
    As for Friday - My husband gets in around 5:00. What does the afternoon look like ~ AROUND 3:00?

  2. How romantic. It's neat to learn where you and Don met and that you go back there. I love your blog! To be very honest I've been trying to figure out who 'Maudy' was all this time! ok! Why didn't I know this?! Very nice picture of Tom and his family.